Bonfire Contest

2021 Bonfire Contest Winners

Child (5-10)                                         Youth (11-17)

1st-                                                               1st-

2nd-                                                             2nd-

3rd-                                                              3rd-

Family                                                   Youth Group

1st-                                                                   1st-

2nd-                                                                 2nd-

3rd-                                                                  3rd-

Festival of the Bonfires

December 10 -12, 2021 │ Lutcher Park │ 2545 Louisiana Ave. │ Lutcher, LA

 2021 Bonfire Building Contest Rules

2021 Bonfire Contest Guidelines


Any child, youth student, family, or youth group may participate.


Bonfires will be judged within four categories:

Individual Child (ages 5-10 yrs.)

Individual Youth (ages 11-17 yrs.)

Family (children, parents, grandparents, etc.)

Youth Group (school, school clubs, 4-H, scout clubs, church, day care, etc.)


Bonfires must be secured to a sturdy base, no larger than 18” x 18” (L x W) and no taller than 15” (including base).

-Any materials may be used to build bonfires. Be creative. Examples include, but not limited to: wood, tree sticks, popsicle sticks, pencils, Styrofoam, drum sticks, craft sticks, etc.)



*Deadline: bonfire must be brought to Festival of the Bonfires grounds by Saturday, December 11, 2021 between 9 am – 11am.

*Information card (3” x 5” index card) should be affixed to the bonfire or its base in such a way that it can be flipped over (front and back visible) and include the following: Name, Address, Telephone #, Parent Name, Category, Fair/Festival Name.

*Festival display: we kindly ask that bonfires are left on festival grounds for public display until Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 6 pm. The festival reserves the right to photograph entries for promotional purposes. The festival reserves the right to not exhibit those entries deemed inappropriate or those that may deteriorate. Entries not picked up by Sunday at 6 pm will be distributed or discarded as the festival chooses.



Bonfires will be judged on festival grounds on Saturday, December 11, 2021.

Points will be awarded according to the following: originality, creativity, and decoration.

Information card must be present in order for bonfire to be judged.



Third Place, Second Place, and First Place per category

Best Overall (1 award, all categories included)


Contact Jamie Vicknair at (504) 491-4274 or with any questions.