Santa’s Very Merry Forest

32nd Annual Festival of the Bonfires

December 10 - 12, 2021│ Lutcher Park │ 2545 Louisiana Ave. │ Lutcher, LA

2021 Santa's Merry Forest Registration


Once again it is time to plan for the Festival of the Bonfires annual event, “Santa’s Very Merry Forest.” As in previous years, there will be a limited number of trees to adopt. In order to accommodate all orders, your response is needed by Friday, November 12, 2021. The cost to adopt a tree will be $25.

Christmas trees will range from five (5) to seven (7) ft. with most being in the five-ft. range. Although the trees will be placed under a tent, your ornaments will be exposed to dampness. Please do not display any valuables. The Festival will not be responsible for stolen or misplaced ornaments. The maximum number of lights is three strands of 50 UL approved outdoor lights. An extension cord will be needed to connect to the on-site power. All extension cords should be labeled.

In order to coordinate our time with the tent rental suppliers, Parish personnel, and the weather, we have to adhere to following time frame.  Your understanding and patience in working with us are greatly appreciated.





Registration Due


Nov. 12, 2021



Tagging of Trees

Tuesday, Dec. 7


Adopters will place their name on a tree.

Decorating of Trees

Wednesday, Dec. 8 - Friday, Dec. 10


Wed. - 

12 pm Fri.

All trees must be decorated by NOON, Friday, December 10.

Removing of Decorations and Trees

Sunday, Dec. 12

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you take your tree down on Sunday night. There is no security on Sunday night.

5 - 9 pm

After 6:00 pm on Sunday, the Festival will not be responsible for your tree. The tree will either be disposed or distributed as the Festival chooses.

Please complete the attached registration form. It is especially important to inform us on whether you will pick up the tree or have the Festival dispose it. Thank you for your patronage.


Please contact Lauren Haase at (225) 445-2344 or with any questions.